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The Power of Making & Gifting


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BLUE #1-#23

Our Brand Story is You.


charKOL Cottage Studios

We have conceptualised a workspace where artists, writers, poets, musicians, dancers, animators, film-makers, creatives, designers, and makers create their own studios and learn about micro-entrepreneurism, hands on, using TEUWB (The Economics of Universal Wellbeing) framework with the guidance of Bilberries Blue Sustainability Stewards.

The creation of products and services can then be listed on

Inspiring and deep conversations can be woven into the journey of making, selling and buying. The idea is that we create dialogues and collaborative actions between producers, consumers and the supply chain, to the point where, the deep listening in the ecosystem becomes a choir of harmony and dignity for all.

Insights help us gain understanding and grow.



charKOL Runway

That Which Is Beautiful

This is how we are planning and mapping the charKOL Runway:

#That Which Is Beautiful.

We would need to create the physical and digital interface with our customers and between all those who are going to be on this physical-digital catwalk. We would be in deep honest dialogues, designing, sewing, delivering and creating the unboxing experiences together. We would deep listen, and deep discover fashion and identity.

The insights will help us launch our Season #1 Collection for a retail micro-entrepreneurism of marketplaces of possibilities.


The Space of Joy

Art Space and Places

An outline by Vincent Twardzik Ching

The Space/Physical Site

An art space, a physical site where individuals and facilitators meet to create, is ideally a site dedicated to making.

There are several crucial qualities of the physical site that need to be accepted and arranged for, as much as possible. For the visual arts, it must be an area where a mess can be made, where paint can spill and tables floors and walls become stained and scratched.

Without this expectation and essential requirement, creative exploration will be negatively impacted. Beyond this: a large enough space to accommodate table work, and easel work, rack and shelf storage for works-in-progress and art supplies and a deep sink for cleaning up with a water source.

Any standard sized classroom can be utilised and rearranged but double or triple the standard classroom space is ideal. (Classroom here is only a reference point for scale, any viable space can be utilised.)

The Beauty of Happenstance


charKOL is a TEUWB sustainable enterprise.

The Governance Approach for the Economics of Universal Wellbeing (TEUWB) is driven by a deceptively simple principle:

The ESG Economy will protect and promote ‘human dignity’. This is at the core of each of the 12 archetypal enterprises - protecting and promoting ‘human
dignity’ will be a steadfast and non-negotiable governance principle.

The Sustainability Stewards of Bilberries Blue conduct research, develop and co-build – through collaborative knowledge-sharing applications and platforms – the ESG Economy which is guided by our proprietary model of The Economics of Universal Wellbeing (TEUWB).